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Account structure

The following Accounts shall be carried in the General Register managed by BME CLEARING:

A. Daily Account, held by a Member, where Trades are registered prior to their Transfer to another kind of Account of the General Register in which they shall be finally registered. While Trades are registered in this Account, they shall be deemed to be proprietary Trades of the Member. This Account cannot hold a Position at the end of a Session; consequently, Trades that remain in the Daily Account at the end of a Session shall be automatically transferred to the Member’s Proprietary Account.

B. Proprietary Account, held by a Member, where proprietary Positions of the Member are registered and which reflects at all times the Member’s Position.

C. Individual Client Account, which may be held by any individual or legal entity and which shall reflect at all times the Client’s Position. Opening of this kind of Account must be requested by the Member to BME CLEARING, in accordance with the procedure which shall be set forth by means of a Circular.

D. Segregated Omnibus Account, held by a member, which registers, without setoff, the sum of the Positions of the Segregated Accounts.



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