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Backoffice reports

BME-PC Energy

BME CLEARING provides a web portal for members of its Energy segment with extensive information on the activities of the Clearing House, and details of the activity of each member, trades carried out, open positions, a breakdown of settlements and margins required etc.

The portal is accessed by a private password and code. If the member does not yet have these data or you wish to issue a request for an additional user, contact the Operations Clearing Department on + 34 91 709 58 62 or write to the following e-mail:

The service is free and is exclusive to BME CLEARING Members to give them quick access to information and statistics concerning their trades with the Clearing House. The results are shown in tables, and all information may be: ordered, filtered, grouped, concealed, reordered etc. In other words, it may be customized in accordance with the needs and preferences of each member. The reports displayed on screen may also be exported in a number of formats (txt, Excel or pdf, among others). If the configuration is changed, the last configuration used will be saved.


The configuration option on the main MEFFSTATION menu enables an automatic download of files at the end of the session. Members can configure the files they wish to download, and the folder in which they wish to store them.

At any time during the session, members can force the generation of transfer files by using the "actions" option on the main menu. They will have information on files at the beginning of the session, or files that become available in the course of the day. Information on settlements and margins is only available at the end of the session.

With remote access, transfer files are preconfigured to be generated automatically at the end of the session.

If members wish to obtain transfer files during the session, generation may be forced using the actions option on the main menu, and they will be downloaded at the address specified.

Transfer files may be requested to the Clearing Operations Department if Members experience any problems with downloads.

The description of the energy sector trading transfer files is available "MEFFStation Clearing Raw Data Files" document.

SFTP Server

Files are obtained at the end of the session through the SFTP server.

Through the SFTP connection, the end of day files may be downloaded (MEFFStation Settlement files). Those files contain information of the las five days, and they are renewed in such a way that they last five days are always available. Files are available once the market closes.



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