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Jorge Yzaguirre, new MEFF Chairman

Clotilde Salmerón to be new General Manager

30 January, 2014

The MEFF Board of Directors has appointed Jorge Yzaguirre Chairman to replace Tomás Muniesa.

Clotilde Salmerón, previously Markets Director, has been appointed General Manager of the Spanish Derivatives Market.

Jorge Yzaguirre, member of BME’s Coordination Committee, is currently Director of the Equities Division and  will now take on management of the Derivatives area. Jorge Yzaguirre holds a Doctorate in Economics and Business Studies, a Master in Financial Management and Investment Analysis and is a Finance Professor at Universidad Carlos III.

Clotilde Salmerón joined MEFF in 1994 and in 2012 was named Market Director before taking over as General Markets Supervisor in 2013. She holds a degree in Economics and Business Studies and a Master in Finance from CUNEF.

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