Cash Settlement Concepts


BME Clearing shall carry out the settlement of fees, variation margin of margins, settlements derived from default management measures, and any other settlements established in the corresponding General Conditions or by Circular. 

For the delivery of cash amounts resulting from Settlements, Clearing Members must have an account in the Target2 system for EUR.

The Clearing Member may designate the entity which, holding an account in the established payment system, will act as its Payment Agent for payments of cash amounts resulting from the related Settlements. Such designation shall be subject to approval by BME Clearing. 

The Payment Agent acts in the name and on behalf of the Clearing Member. However, the Payment Agent’s activities do not change the responsibility of the Clearing Member towards the CCP in any way. The Clearing Member retains full responsibility with regards to their payment obligations to BME Clearing. 

The following concepts shall be settled daily in cash in euros through a debit or credit on the Payment Agent’s account in Target2 platform. Cash settlement will take place on T+1, being T the transactions’ date, including expirations and exercises of futures and options. 

It will be done via a standard Multilateral Settlement mechanism on the TARGET2 platform , where the credits and debits of each Clearing Member are offset:

Daily Settlement of Gains and Losses

During the life of a futures contract, and up to the last day it is registered, a daily variation margin takes place, based on the difference between the settlement price and the last settlement price (for day trades: the price of the trade, for the rest: the settlement price of the previous session). On the last day of registration, the variation margin calculation is based on the difference between the final settlement price and the last settlement price.


Daily procedure whereby buyers of Options pay the Premiums to BME Clearing and the sellers receive such Premiums from BME Clearing.


Trading and clearing Fees are settled on a daily basis.

The rest of fees are also cash settled through Target2 system but with a different periodicity, may it be monthly or quarterly.

Daily Variation of Margins

The variation of the Initial Margin to be posted in cash in EUR as per the uncovered amount in BME CLEARING, on the next Business Day, is obtained using the following formula: 

Initial Margin variation to be posted in cash in EUR on T+1 

= Total Initial Margin to be posted on T+1 

- Margins posted in Securities and Cash 

 on T 

The Initial Margin variation to be posted in Cash by the Clearing Member shall be the sum of the variation in respect of its own Accounts and that of its Non-Clearing Members, plus any adjustment to Individual funds and/or Extraordinary margins, where applicable, so as to obtain the cash Margins to be posted on D+1 by the Clearing Member. 

Interests of the Investment of Cash Margins in euros and dollars

Cash posted by Members with BME CLEARING as collateral at the end of each session shall be remunerated at the market reference rate, €STR or FENDFUND depending on weather it is EUR or USD respectively, minus a spread indicated in the Instruction Remuneration applicable to cash collateral.

When the Member or Client has communicated their wish for the cash not to be invested, only possible in EUR, BME CLEARING shall apply an additional spread to the remuneration of the cash informed in the Instruction mentioned above and this will remain in the Eurosystem.

These spreads shall be reviewed on a monthly periodic basis, or immediately in the event of extraordinary interest rate variations replacing.

BME CLEARING shall settle this amount monthly on the second business day of the following month in the case of EUR through multilateral settlement in TARGET-Bank of Spain of the Clearing Member, or to its Agent. As per USD, it will take place the tenth business day of the following month,  booked as cash posted in favour of the Member in a BME CLEARING account assigned to the Clearing Member at the eligible settlement bank.

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