An Intra-Day Risk Limit (IRL) is assigned by BME Clearing to each Clearing Member. If a Clearing Member exceeds such Limit due to the impact of a price fluctuation in the current position or caused by novating new trades, it shall provide an Individual Fund to the CCP.

BME Clearing calculates the risk of each Account in real time.

In addition, at the end of the session, the CCP calculates the risk of the outstanding position pending to be settled at the end of day, for each Clearing Member. Margins to cover such risk are required to be posted next morning.

BME Clearing will demand to Clearing Member the margins as below.

Initial Margin

Calculated daily for each outstanding position, for each account in the CCP Central Register, for each ISIN and Clearing Account (Proprietary Account and Individual Client Accounts). All transactions pending to be settled will be included taking into account a determined Price fluctuation and determined compensations between correlated ISINs.

The positions pending to be settled include buy and sell transactions, failed positions and cash only positions.

Individual Fund

It may be requested for different reasons:

  • Individual Fund for Risk Limits
  • Individual Fund as a percentage of Daily Margin
  • Individual Fund required to a Member which does not meet the minimum required Shareholders’ Equity.
  • Individual Fund for Stress testing of the Default Fund.
  • Voluntary Individual Fund.

Extraordinary Margins

Requested to hedge CCP risk in extraordinary cases.

Extraordinary Margins will be requested for:

  • Situation of high volatility where Clearing Member exceeds the Extraordinary Margin parameters established by circular.
  • Drop of the Member´s Solvency ratio below the level corresponding to the investment grade.
  • Exceptional situation or high-risk situation of a Clearing Member.

Default Fund

Requested to hedge any debit balances resulting from a Clearing Member default. BME Clearing, according with the Rule Book and Circulars, has a Default Fund separated by segment. In this way, if a Clearing Member does not have position or activity in a segment, a Clearing Member default due to losses in that segment can never affect him.

The minimum amount of the default fund is specified in Default Fund Circular for each segment: 25 million euro for Equity Segment.

It will be updated and has a minimum amount that changes by Clearing Member typology.

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