Futures on IBEX 35® Div Impact

INDEX DESCRIPTION The IBEX 35® DIV IMPACT is an index which reflects the accumulated amount
of the dividends, in index points, paid by the constituent companies of the IBEX
35® index during a specified period.
The contract period, for purposes of dividends declared and paid, will be one year, starting next day following the third Friday of December, and ending the next year on the third Friday of December.
MULTIPLIER 10 Euros. The IBEX 35 Div Impact Index must be multiplied by 10 Euros in order to obtain the contract size. Therefore each index point is worth 10 Euros.
CONTRACT SIZE The IBEX 35® DIV IMPACT times the Multiplier.
This means that if the IBEX 35 Div Impact Future has a price of 700 points, its corresponding price in Euros will be: 700 x 10 = 7.000 Euros.
FUTURES PRICE QUOTATION In whole Index points with a minimum fluctuation set according to the quotation of the underlying asset and/or the Market practice, established by Circular. The minimum fluctuation shall be different in pre-arranged trades between Members.
EXPIRATIONS The expirations available for trading, clearing and settlement will be the five nearest annually expiries.
EXPIRATION DATE Third Friday of the relevant December.
LAST TRADING DAY The Expiration Date.
CONTRACT SETTLEMENT DATE First Business Day following the Expiration Date.
SETTLEMENT OF COMMISSIONS First Business Day following the date of the Transaction.
DAILY SETTLEMENT OF GAINS AND LOSSES Before the start of the session of the Business Day following the date of the transaction, by means of cash transfer of the difference with the Daily Settlement Price.
DAILY SETTLEMENT PRICE It shall be an approach to the market price. The regulation will be established by circular. On the Expiration day the Daily Settlement Price will be the Settlement Price.
MARGINS Variable in function to the portfolio of Options and Futures (see Margin Calculation section). Margins shall be supplied before the start of the session of the Business Day following the date of the calculation.
AUCTION PERIOD From 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
TRADING HOURS From 9:00 a.m. to 5:35 p.m.

For more information please visit the Financial Derivatives General Conditions for trading at MEFF and for Clearing and Settlement at BME Clearing.

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