Settlement Process

BME Clearing Equity send to T2S through IBERCLEAR before of the 20:00 the Settlement Instructions (SI) resulting of the Netting and Aggregation process, with Intended Settlement Date Next Business Day.

BME Clearing will be the counterparty to all Instructions using, for that purpose, its own cash and securities accounts in the Settlement System.

In case there are insufficient securities balance to settle a sell instruction, T2S, depending on its settlement algorithms, will establish which buying instruction will or will not be settled.

Settlement Process


BME Clearing generates all SI that can be partially settled.

In the Settlement of Instruction process, priority is taken into account, it means, the order in which the Instructions are settled according to the T2S criteria. BME Clearing, as Central Counterparty, is assigned the TOP priority. In this way, all Settlement Instructions that the CCP sends to T2S, will have assigned this priority by default. Only the Central Bank or Central Securities Depositories will have higher priority.

T2S will inform the CCP and the Settlement Participants about the status of the instructions when being settled and will also inform about the instruction status right after the settlement period. Unsettled instructions will remain in T2S for settlement in following sessions.

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