Digital asset derivatives

Listed derivatives: futures on Bitcoin and Ethereum

BME introduces an innovative product that will revolutionise the trading, clearing and cash settlement of digital asset futures. This innovative offering expands the range of assets admitted by BME, further enhancing the diversification options available to traders.

Initially, the platform will introduce USD-denominated Index Futures of the crypto family, providing investors with new opportunities to capitalise on the potential growth and volatility within the digital asset space.

These futures will be cleared and settled on BME Clearing, significantly reducing counterparty risks and ensuring a secure and transparent trading and settlement environment.


  • Attractive product for institutional clients
  • Cash-Settled Crypto Index Derivatives
  • Extended trading hours, 23x5
  • New segment with a Default Fund segregated from the rest of segments
  • Default waterfall and default management process fully “EMIR Compliant”
  • Daily settlement of variation margin
  • Potential benefits with bearish or bullish markets


  • Cleared and settled in a CCP thus avoiding counterparty risks.
  • Product authorized under European regulation (EMIR), complying with all the most exhaustive standards and processes.
  • Cash settlement on expiry. No delivery or reception of the asset at expiry, avoiding the need to hold the physical asset and custody of Cryptos.
  • Optimal contract size.
  • Competitive fees and wide range of eligible collateral.
  • Low correlation with other investment assets, reducing portfolio volatility.

For more information, you can consult the general terms and conditions of the Digital Assets Derivatives Segment here.

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