Trading Venue

A system or electronic platform operated by an investment firm or a market operator which brings together buying or selling interests of counterparties in financial instruments to perform a transaction. Comprises Regulated Markets, MTF or an OTF.

Advantages of Trading Venue

  • Security: it reduces systemic risk and guarantee financial market stability.
  • Transparency: it imposes a strict operational and governance framework and organisational requirements which makes participants to follow clear rules, allowing transparency in trades and pricing, leading to disclosing publicly information about prices and volumes.
  • Accessibility: it provide non-discriminatory access to the market for their participants, promoting fair competition between the different trading platforms.
  • Liquidity: it facilitate higher liquidity than over-the-counter trades, resulting in lower bid-ask spreads and more effective price discovery, operating on a fee basis, which means no conflicts of interest with individual counterparties.
  • Regulation: subject to ESMA regulations, which can be consulted here.

Current Trading Venues:

  • Bloomberg
  • Tradeweb

Trading Venues operative flow:

Trading Venues operative flow


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