Solvency Requirements

One of the first lines of defense that BME CLEARING has is to require a minimum level of equity to the entities in order to become a Member, depending on the Member category. This minimum level of equity is established in the General Conditions of each Segment.

Besides, BME CLEARING may establish via Circular alternative Funds and requisites to those amounts of minimum equity level, which must provide with an equivalent level of solvency, availability and financial assurance, maintaining in any case a minimum equity level requirement of 20% the amounts indicated, for each type of Member.

In regard to Contracts belonging to each Segment, Members must provide BME CLEARING with the information necessary for BME CLEARING to meet, within the time frame and formats appropriate to each case, the reporting requirements of the CNMV or the Competent Authority, on the Transactions carried out in BME CLEARING by these Members.

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