Average Price

In the Financial Derivatives Segment, the Member that wishes to allocate trades at Average Price must open a position account (hereinafter account) with nomenclature 0PMC@ to allocate buy trades and another account for sell trades with nomenclature 0PMV@.

The Member will have to allocate trades mades on each of the accounts depending on whether they are buying or selling trades.

During the session, the Member will have to request the Clearing Department (Telephone +34  91 709 58 62) to make an average price trade in the account 0PMC@ account  and/or in the account 0PMV@ for the total of the trades  bought and/or sold.

Once the allocation at average price has been requested, BME CLEARING will only check:

  • That there are trades from roll-over that may be at average price.
  • That the requested average price trade closes the position of the accounts opened for that purpose.
  • That the implied price of the roll-over is the average of the trades entered in the Average Price account.

The allocation at average price will be made by BME CLEARING by average price trades  (type J) for the total volume requested at the price requested. The destination account of the average price trade will be the Daily Account of the Member.

Once the transfer is made, the Member will allocate the roll-ove  from the Daily Account.

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